Family Pictures 2022

Family Pictures 2022

By Southern Shutter Photography
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Each year we take family pictures I think I could not love them more.  And then the next year I always do!  This year was no exception.  My sister-in-law, Nicole Davidge, is a professional photographer and the owner of Southern Shutter Photography.  (A million out of a million stars recommend her for any portraits you need, weddings included).  If it were not for her I doubt I could get this crew to get dressed and smile!  

Over Labor Day weekend, we traveled from our home in north Louisiana to our small piece of hunting property in Independence, Kansas.  We were lucky enough that the Davidge family drove all the way (12 hours!) from south Louisiana to spend a long weekend with us.  Nicole offered to take our annual family pics while we were together.  I shared another blog post about this weekend here.

Even Nick and I got a 30 second snap together. 

Every minute of every day is a toss up regarding how Grady Woods will act/react/cooperate/NOT cooperate.  It’s the never ending game that keeps us all on our toes!  To call him our sour patch kid would likely be a compliment.  😏 However, I give this experience a 10/10 success rate that gave me a picture of the 3 boys to use for our Christmas card that I absolutely loved.  

Ryan (14), Hank (9), and Grady Woods (3).