SB Magazine Article

SB Magazine Article

August 2022
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Telling someone the story of The Copper Whisk Cookbook makes me nervous.  I enjoy it, but I also get shaky for fear the person I am talking to could not wish for the conversation to be over fast enough.  Ask me which recipes are my personal favorites or the most special, and that makes me much more comfortable!  But to talk about me is not what I enjoy, particularly because the recipes in this cookbook have so much more to do with others than myself.  

SB Magazine (SB standing for Shreveport-Bossier) reached out about writing a feature article for their August 2022 issue.  I spoke with the most kind lady, Ellen, who made the interview very comfortable and homey.  She made me proud to tell the story and really brought out why I I love to cook for those I care the most about!


I also met a new photographer friend, Hailey Lawson (Hailey Lawson Photography) who made herself right at home in my kitchen.  She was easy to work with and has such a pleasantly sweet demeanor.

The Copper Whisk Cookbook was featured in the SB Magazine’s August 2022 edition.  I am grateful for having a professional outlet to share more about the cookbook!