Here for the Pie

Here for the Pie

The most fun 2-day sold out event!

My friend Rachel (co-owner of Parish Design Co., mom of the two sweetest kids, wife to the only superhero I know in real life, and the one who is scarily like me but much more creative) said, “We HAVE to have a Thanksgiving event.”

 Me:  🤨 ❓

Rachel:  Yes, a must.  Let’s make it happen.

I said, “Yes m’am!” And make it happen we did.  Here for the Pie was born out of our mutual love of sweets, a good time, the need for the comfiest sweatshirt, and constantly planning our next meal.  These are things she and I do best, and this event we co-hosted at Parish Design Co. was the most fun.  

We pushed the event for 24 spots on a Thursday night and sold out in one hour!  We punted and added another night and sold every one of those 24 spots as well.  This made me so excited but extremely nervous.

We thought to do a few things - show everyone how laid back and enjoyable Thanksgiving can be, give our guests some options for planning / attending Thanksgiving, share some wine, eat the best food, sit at a beautifully decorated table, go home with a bag full of goodies.  

Creating a theme was also so easy because WHO wouldn’t be totally Here for the Pie!? Pie

For this event I was able to watch so much talent come to life.  

Laura Spillers of Minden, LA crafted this balloon arch from my favorite colors.  This blows my mind because I would never have the patience to create something so fun and pretty.

My Aunt Vicki, an artist herself, set the tables for our guests.  Each table was a different theme.  She put colors together I never would have thought to.  

Blue pumpkins and cotton bolls.  Perfection.


As pretty as all of the tables were, everyone wanted to sit at the kids’ table!  This Charlie Brown Thanksgiving theme was cheerful and precious.

Guests mingled and shopped local flair at PDC.

After a bit it was EAT TIME!  Not to be too boastful about food, but this spread was a masterpiece I do believe!  Just check out all this yumminess.

And of COURSE we had Fudge Pie (pies made by Lela Margaret)!  I am really not sure which dessert was the most favorite as all were g-o-n-e by the end of both evenings.  

Cookies by Becky Mourad.

Everyone goes absolutely nuts over these Cheesecake Cookies.  I always ask my mom to make these because I just cannot cut them as pretty as she can.

While everyone enjoyed their plates I chatted about different kinds of Thanksgiving themes, food, and options for making the most of the holiday.  

If you want to see for yourself, you can download a digital version of this handout at this link:  

In between seconds and thirds we gave away these hostess gifts painted by Lily Spillers.  I wanted to keep each one for myself!

Kayla Martin and I showed the groups a preview of The Copper Whisk Recipe Binder!  This was supposed to be in each guest’s goody bags but did not make it in time.  However, these guests will be the first to receive theirs!  

And to brag a little more on this binder designed by Kayla…oh, I just cannot get enough!  It is exactly what I had hoped it would be.  It comes with dividers to organize all of your Copper Whisk recipes (and of course others) you print from online! You can order yours at this link:

Friends who lift you up are true treasures.  This dream team standing with me as well as those who came to support this two-day sold out event - they make every bit of this the most enjoyable!

A lot of food, fun, family, friends, and wine make for the perfect night.  A gigantic thanks to all who attended!

Photos by Hailey Lawson Photography.