The Copper Whisk Cookbook Publication Day

The Copper Whisk Cookbook Publication Day

Overwhelmed by all the show of support!
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I definitely cannot say we have gotten from “A” to “Z” …yet. But wow, this has been incredible.  

Let’s back up to 2020.  I was able to work through most of the Covid-19 pandemic at our family business.  One of the silver linings of this crazy time in everyone’s life was that I was able to survive Grady Woods’ infancy of ABSOLUTELY NO SLEEPING with the help of a touch more sleep and the advent of casually dressing for work.  (Leggings, I love you).  While I rocked the baby I also worked on gathering recipes for what so many were nudging me to do - put together a cookbook.  

Sharing recipes on The Copper Whisk has been a joy from the start.  I had no idea so many people did not have social media newsfeeds completely full of food like I do! 😆 So to take pictures of what I am cooking and share it is such a no-brainer for me.  With a touch more time on my hands I slowly started putting together our favorites into a compilation I am the most proud of.

The next step?  How on earth to actually make a book? I had every intention of creating a church-style plastic bound black and white no photo book.  Easy peasy.  But my closest friends and family said absolutely no.  Add the pictures!  That made me extremely squeamish because I take most of our food pics myself (unless Nick walks by and says, “Oh, no, not like that.”  He takes more of my food pics than I do)!  These pics are obviously taken on my phone and not with a professional camera.  I was nervous about how they would turn out.

Googling “how to make a cookbook” will not get you anywhere.  Unless you have $30k to drop with someone who really does not know anything about food or will certainly tell you, “Whyyyyy don’t you think about including something with less carbs and a little more green?  Then let’s talk.”  I stayed at square one for a long time.  After being completely exasperated and ready to resort to my black and white little book Nick showed me a coffee table book he had been given at a place he had been duck hunting.  It was beautifully and simply put together.  Exactly what I was wanting.  Nick reached out to the gentleman who had given it to him and he put us in touch with the designer, Chad DeBoard from Illinios.

Sweet Chad.  😜 He put up with so many changes and iterations during this process.  I sent him all the goodness and he waved a wand to turn out an impressive compilation I was beside myself with excitement about.  He then put me in touch with a printer in Kentucky.  Eric Taylor with Tailored Printing has fielded more text messages from me than probably my teenage son texts ME asking questions.  

We decided to have the books printed overseas.  Then my patience was tested to the max from the end of January 2022 until one day in July a delivery truck finally pulled into my work yard to unload 5 huge crates of 2,000 cookbooks.  

I work with my family and many coworkers I have known since I was a girl.  They all shared in my excitement by helping me dive in.  My mom, mother-in-law, sons, and niece were right behind us helping slap on shipping labels.

Next up?  My dearest friend Rachel and her family recently opened Parish Design Company in Minden, LA.  She graciously offered to sell my cookbook in her store as well as host a signing and pick up party.  So party we did! And Publication Day was such a success.

Geaux Fresh served the most impressive spread.  Jodie Martin and her crew are amazing!

My niece Addi took over the label process.  She is a pro now!

Day 1.

When you have the best people in the world show up for you.  These are my friends Jennifer and Amanda.  

Nick never lets me down!


I love this picture taken in Parish Design Co.  Their newly renovated building has so much character.

Nick’s late grandmother’s best friend, Mrs. Sarah (she turns 94 in 2022!) collected these magnolias and had them arranged for me.  I am all about a thoughtful touch, and this one brought tears to my eyes.

This journey is thrilling! People I know well and do not know at all have been incredibly kind and encouraging, and it has made all the difference.  🤎