LSU / Birthday / Brunch Weekend 2022

LSU / Birthday / Brunch Weekend 2022

Sending my 38th year goodbye!
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We don’t ever do anything that isn’t multi-tasking.  Mid September found us in Baton Rouge to watch LSU play against Mississippi State.  The tasks?  (1)  Getaway with the boys.  (2)  Meet up with family.  (3)  Hank’s first football game.  (4)  My birthday wish came true by eating brunch at Little Big Cup in Arnaudville, LA.  So this overnight trip checked lots of boxes!

The Davidge family are professional tailgaters.  They let us come as rookies and hang with them.  

Hank’s friend Hagan.  They spotted Dylan Crews, an outfielder for the LSU Tigers baseball team and accosted him for high fives.  Hank told him he was wearing his number (#3).  I was mortified.  

Hank’s first time in Tiger Stadium.  He got to see the Tigers win after a slow first half.  

Nicole is the ultimate when it comes to an occasion or theme.  I love her glitter speckled self.

Ahhhhhh, the moment I had been waiting for! Thank goodness my boys are troopers and are typically willing to accommodate my foodie fiendish finds.  I have been stalking The Little Big Cup on social media for over a year.  Sunday brunch was ON MY MIND.  Nicole and her sweet family also made the drive way out of their way on a Sunday morning to enjoy with us.

We sat on the Lower Deck (highly recommend!) and lucked up with perfect weather, shade, and green all around us.  Brunch Punch was my cocktail of choice.

I am allllllll about variety when it comes to breakfast.  Clearly.  That gumbo though?  Oh my my.  Other than my Dad’s, it was definitely the best I have ever had.  Second place dish goes to the praline chicken and waffles.  Yes.  Please.

So thankful I had loose shorts on for this meal!  I ended it with a Wedding Cake Mimosa.  As my friend Sam says, “Delightful!”  

These south Louisiana bayou towns are nostalgically beautiful.  It was a perfect Sunday morning.