Labor Day Weekend 2022

Labor Day Weekend 2022

Labor Day Weekend 2022

Our Labor Day weekend was spent in Independence, Kansas.  We have a small place there for deer and duck hunting and fishing.  It’s quite a little drive from our home, but I love the getaway that puts my family all in one spot for a few days!

This time my husband’s sister and her family joined us and we couldn’t have had a better time visiting, eating, kids playing, hunting and watching football.

We knew we had to take the Davidge family to enjoy Buck’s BBQ & Steakhouse in Sedan.  It’s our favorite hole in the wall restaurant and tradition when we go. No matter where we do go I always have a lap full.

While the boys kicked off the weekend putting out deer corn, adjusting deer cameras and the like, Nicole, the littles, and I made the 1 hour trek to The Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile and P-Town Pizza.  (HUGE perk of our not-so-close-to-home place!).  The Merc wait was over 3 hours, but P-Town is also a favorite of mine, and I think it won Nicole over too with the Not Knots, Apple Pie-tini, and Steak House Pizza.  

(Sorry if you thought this blog wouldn’t contain all the food pics)!

We couldn’t decide between the seasonal Strawberry Shortcake or the chocolate mason jar desserts sooooo we got both.

All smiles and full bellies as we headed back to all the menfolk.

Simple and sweet entertainment is my favorite.

Maison Belle, who we all call Belly, was my kitchen companion this time.  She told me, “Ash-A-Ley, that’s a good job!” She did a pretty good job herself. 😉

The hunting camp wouldn’t be complete without a great menu lineup.  We couldn’t do breakfast without the Family Size Cinnamon Roll.

Ok, sorry.  This blog isn’t supposed to be about recipes! (But do know my life revolves around food)! On to more entertainment.  Mid-day bubble baths are always a good idea.


It was youth weekend for deer season, and my boys didn’t come home with any antlers this trip but that’s hunting, right?  I love this picture that Nick took of the boys walking home through the field.

Until next time, little slice of heaven.