My Favorite Christmas Breakfast & Brunch Recipes

My Favorite Christmas Breakfast & Brunch Recipes

It's the sugar on top for me!
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Planning Christmas morning breakfast is my most favorite Christmas meal to plan.  I also love to have a lazy-in-pajamas Christmas brunch with a few friends sometime before the craziness of Christmas takes place, so these recipes are great for that as well!  

Christmas Morning Casserole may be the most standard go-to.  You can prep this the night before, or if you make it fresh in the morning it is still a quick and easy one to pull together in no time!  This one feels fancy without actually being so.  And obviously your people will love it chock full of cinnamon rolls!  Recipe here.

If you have a sweet you also must have a savory!  I love making the Cream Cheese Sausage & Egg Breakfast braid candy cane style.  You can scramble the eggs and prep the sausage the night before if you like.  This one also reheats well in the air fryer.   Recipe here

Speaking of candy canes, I also like to make this Cherry (or strawberry filled) Christmas Candy Cane Crescent Breakfast!  Recipe here

Pancakes and waffles are always a great idea for any Christmas weekend!  Or brinner if you want to shake things up for fun.  Check out my post HERE for a whole list of ideas of festive pancakes! 

The last few years I have included this Taco Ranch Quiche on our Christmas brunch spread because 1) it's delish and 2)  the red Rotel tomatoes in it make it pop in a pretty pie plate!  Recipe here.

Biscuit Cinnamon Rolls are my most favorite way to make cinnamon rolls.  They are simply delicious, have the best texture, and require absolutely no rising! You can even color the dough as you will see in the picture to make them extra festive.  These definitely deserve to be the star of your breakfast table at some point this holiday season.  Recipe here.

A good ol' fashioned breakfast casserole is always a good idea.  This Sausage Hashbrown Casserole can be assembled the night before and popped in the oven while your little ones are tearing into gits.  You won't miss a thing!  Recipe here.

The fact that my boys can go somewhere and have a well trained appetite for the best food is such a success in my book.  Patting myself on the back for that one.  Nick took our older two, Ryan and Hank, to Lost Island Duck Club in Stuttgart, Arkansas in 2022 over Thanksgiving break and they came home raving about what they ate and even brought me the recipe.  We call this Lost Island French Toast Bake and should be the biggest contender fighting for elbow space on your Christmas brunch table.  I use store bought pancakes for this and put it together the night before ready to slide right on into the oven in the morning.  Recipe here.

While I could go on and on about the most perfect Christmas morning menu I will end with this Cranberry Mimosa Cake.  This will feed a crowd and looks pretty.  And also....prosecco!  I can stop there I do think.  Recipe here.

A beautiful and delicious Christmas breakfast or brunch is the icing on the cake for Christmas day!  I hope you love this compilation.