Christmas Pancakes

Christmas Pancakes

A whole post dedicated to pancakes 🥞!

I save all of my food pics by the season and discovered that over the years we have made lots of iterations of Christmas pancakes that we all love.  My go-to pancake recipe is from The Copper Whisk Cookbook on page 188 for Lyda’s Pancakes (my grandmother’s recipe).

If you slather Nutella on any carb, my boys are going to love it.  These Nutella Pancakes with powdered sugar were no exception.  These were fun to make because Hank liked to use our cookie cutters to make the shapes and create different combos.  And of course GW is always at the ready for someone to prepare something for him.

When we use the waffle iron, I still use the same pancake recipe.  These Christmas tree pancakes with M&M’s for lights are some of my favorites we have made.  Simply add some green food coloring to the batter.

 These Santa Pancakes were from 2020.  My oldest even got into these at the time decorating the pancakes with Reddi-Whip.

It’s always easier to get kids to eat when food is in fun shapes.  I used our cookie cutters to make these pancakes.  So fun!


GW and I went to see Santa a few weeks ago.  (I must include a pic of this documentation since it’s a True Christmas Miracle this experience did not result in screaming tantrums).  We ate brunch at Geaux Fresh in Minden, and the owner Jodie created these Hot Cocoa Pancakes.  Now.  I ordered her Mac & Cheese Breakfast Stack which was in itself phenomenal, and I ordered GW the pancakes. I ate BOTH mine AND his.  Every single bite.  These pancakes were so so delicious I knew I had to attempt recreating them at home.  I didn’t get it exactly right, but they were pretty close.  I added 1/3 cup hot chocolate mix and a little less than 1/4 cup of cocoa to the regular pancake recipe.  We used Betty Crocker buttercream as a topping.  And sprinkles of course. 😋

I hope you enjoyed this little compilation!  Festive food is one of my Favorite Things!