Spider Web Cookie Cake

Spider Web Cookie Cake

Everyone in the house was on board for this easy dessert!
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  • 2 packages (or rolls) refrigerated cookie dough
  • 1 jar vanilla or cream cheese frosting
  • Black cookie icing
  • Halloween sprinkles
  • Plastic spider


Preheat oven to temperature directed on cookie dough package.  Place cookie dough onto round baking stone.  If using a roll you can press evenly to fit.  If using break and bake dough scatter evenly.  (I put mine in the oven and baked a few minutes, removed, pressed gently and returned to finish baking).

Bake until dough is done.  Let cool.  Frost but leave a 1” border with no icing all the way around.

Starting in the middle of the cake use the cookie icing to make a circular design all the way around the cake.  Use a skewer to pull the spider web lines down from center to edge.  Décorate with sprinkles on the edge.  Place spider somewhere on its web.