Christmas Mimosas

Christmas Mimosas

Hooray for festive season!


  • Triple sec
  • White cranberry juice
  • Prosecco
  • Garnish:  cranberries & rosemary
  • Coarse sugar


To prep the garnish I made two different options:  1). Freeze 3 cranberries and rosemary leaves in ice cube trays filled with water.  2). I took off the end leaves of some rosemary stems and speared it with 3 cranberries.  Keep refrigerated. 

To prep the glasses:  Pour some triple sec into a shallow bowl.  Sprinkle sugar onto a plate.  Turn the glasses upside down and dip in the triple sec followed by the sugar.  Place upside down on a sheet of parchment paper for at least 20 minutes to dry before turning right side up.

To make the drink:  pour 1 ounce of triple sec and 1 ounce of white cranberry juice in the bottom of a mimosa glass.  Top with Prosecco.  Add garnish.